Awakening Harmony & Happiness

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Awakening Harmony & Happiness with Sister Shivani

Perhaps, there cannot be a more opportune time to talk about harmony and happiness in the UAE.  The level of interest amongst government and private sectors as well as by a diverse range of communities indicate the strong need to elevate the conversation on harmony and happiness. Happiness is a quest in all areas of life and UAE has taken leadership in the region to further promote ways to happiness, especially in government services as well as in various activities that promote harmony among all communities.
India’s most sought-after and renowned inspirational speaker, Sister Shivani will lead us through a first of its kind event in the UAE. Themed ‘Awakening Harmony & Happiness with Sister Shivani’, the motivational speech will be held at Bright Riders School in Abu Dhabi on October 5, 2018 and at Dubai World Trade Center on October 6. Her visit to the UAE is a part of her international tour to share her knowledge and wisdom to the world. Sister Shivani has led seminars and lectures around the globe including the US, UK, Canada and recently in Australia. The global nature of social media has paved the way for her to reach out to more than 91 million viewers through her YouTube channel and regular television show in India. She is also one of Amazon’s best selling authors today. It is indeed a fortune that she will be in the country this year.Organized by Roots Events, under the initiative of Raja Yoga Center and supported by the Consulate General of India, ‘Awakening Harmony and Happiness’ is a free-to-attend event for all, seeking for the highest aspirations in life filled with peace and unity, happiness and joy in all that we do.

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